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Harmonic Touch
Harmonic Touch
Professional Massages and Naet Allergy treatments in Cape Town
Who are we?
My philosophy on body work

'The art of a good therapist is the ability to intuit exactly what the specific requirements are for each and every individual and adjust his or her treatment accordingly. The therapist has to be sensitive enough to feel the gentle dialog that occurs between the body of the client and himself, and he can thus adjust his treatment for the maximum benefit of the client. The treatment should be deep and strong as well as relaxing and nurturing. The therapist should always work from the hara, his midsection. The importance of the intention and the mood of the therapist before and during the treatment cannot be overemphasized.'
Our Services
Naet- (Nambudipad's Allergy Ellimination Technique)
By combining muscle testing, vibrational essence vials and acupressure, I can effectively diagnose and eliminate many different allergies. This includes things like hay fever, wheat, gluten, nuts, sugar and virtually anything you can think of. I can also effectively work with the following ailments: Eczema, skin irritation, Asthma, itchy eyes and skin, headaches, sinuses, post nasal drip, ADD, ADHD, Autism, toxic overload, weight problems, and too many to mention here. This sounds far-fetched, but it absolutely works.
Sports massage
Many years of study, practice and field work went into this treatment. This is an extremely deep form of massage that uses a combination of deep tissue work, stretches and manipulation pressure points and myofascial work to release deep tension, stress and injuries. One can choose to work the whole body or work more focused on specific 'problem' areas. Brilliant massage if you are very tense and stressed. Very enjoyable if one likes deep work.
Cranio Sacral Therapy
Developed by an American Osteopath Dr. William Sutherland, this gentle yet powerful technique evaluates and improves the action of the craniosacral system. Anatomically, this system is comprised of the brain, spinal cord, their surrounding fluids (Cerebro Spinal Fluid) and membranes (meninges), the bones of the cranium and spine, and the nerves emanating there from. At the physiological level, this system forms a whole-body communication network of nervous tissue and hormone rich fluids. This craniosacral system has its own rythmic pulsation and is palpaple. By means of gentle holding, one can facilitate these pulsations to promote healing on a deep level.
Zen Shiatsu
The term Shiatsu comes from Japan and literally means 'finger pressure'. In Shiatsu one primarily focuses on meridians and the energetic system of the body and their associated organs. Through the wear and tear and stress of life, both the chakras as well as meridians become imbalanced and blocked, and do not function at optimum level, thus not allowing the organs to effectively carry out their functions. By means of finger, hand and elbow pressure and stretches, the meridians are stimulated and a sense of physical, emotional and mental balance is restored. The client is fully clothed and the treatment is performed on a mat on the floor.
With the use of aromatic and base oils, the body is massaged and stimulated both through touch and the aromatic essences, which are likened to human pheromones. These aromatic essences affect a person on a physical, mental and emotional level. Both deep and light treatments are available to meet ones specific requirements. The deeper treatments work on a more physical level, whereas the lighter massages work more on an emotional level.
Traditional Thai massage
This massage is probably the precursor to Shiatsu and both these treatments are very similar. The focus of the Thai massage is however more on stretching, manipulating and opening the body. By means of finger, hand and elbow pressure the sen lines are stimulated to bring the body into balance. This treatment feels like passive yoga. Just lie down and enjoy your whole body being stretched and opened. Like Shiatsu, this treatment is also performed on the floor.
Pregnancy massage
Nothing is more important for a pregnant lady to eat healthy foods and to be emotionally nurtured, due to the fact that the baby experiences everything that mommy does. What better way to nurture oneself than through massage. Most masseurs are too frightened to work deeply on pregnant ladies, who, through the extra weight they carry often experience backache. I work both deeply as well as sensitively, adjusting the massage to individual needs. This massage is performed lying on the side, with cushions supporting the head, tummy and legs.
This foot massage stimulates the whole body through the reflex points in the feet. The reflex points have nerve endings that connect the whole body to ones feet and can thus be stimulated and soothed through massage and pressure. Having ones feet massaged is deeply relaxing and nurturing, and one can thus release physical and emotional blockages. Pregnant ladies respond fantastically to this form of treatment.
Usui Reiki
Reiki is literally hands on healing. The practitioner becomes a hollow channel that allows without any judgment or active participation, the energy around us, to flow through him or herself and channel it into the client. The client usually experiences deep relaxation but may also have past traumas coming up which sometimes results in convulsions, erratic laughter or memories of deep pain. Either way, the healing is taking place particularly when pain does come up.
More about Daniel Hofinger
I was born in Salzburg Austria on 30 Dec 1974. My family and I moved to South Africa in 1979. In Johannesburg, I completed my matric in 1994 at the Deutsch Schule Johannesburg.

After some years of traveling and working in Europe, I started training as a sports therapist at the Wiener Sports Verein, which I completed in 2002. I then returned to South Africa and started working as a therapist. I continued to learn about massage through Vanessa Kaye and Leah Sefor.

To add to my existing modalities, I studied Shiatsu with the Cape Town academy of Shiatsu and Wendy New, Reflexology with Chris Stormer and the Academy of Universal healing. In 2003 I learnt Hypnotherapy with the Royale instite of Hypnotherapy in London. I then learnt Traditional Thai massage with the Institute of Traditional Thai massage South Africa in 2004.
Under the guidance and instruction of Dr. Andrea Schroepel, I completed my beginners and advanced Naet modalities in 2011; a very advanced form of treatment that incorporates MSC (muscle response testing), allergy treatments as well as emotional and belief system clearings.

To further evolve my treatments and remain with current trends, I am presently studying Cranio Sacral Therapy through the South African institute of Cranio Studies (SAICS) as well as Postural Integration with Beverly Wilkinson.

I practice meditation and yoga and am keenly interested in Astrology, Buddhism, Tantra, Taoism, Sufism, mysticism and Jung. I am currently living in Cape Town and have a daughter called Nimue.

PS. I love my work!
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