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Priority Alarm Systems
Priority Alarm Systems
Making Safety our Priority!
Who are we?
Priority Alarm Systems is a home and business alarm installation company based in Cape Town, South Africa. At Priority Alarms Systems we make your safety our Priority.

The company was founded by Abdul Kariem De Klerk in 2011 who gained extensive experience in this industry and worked at a security company for years. Abdul decided to make use of this opportunity to start his own security business motivated by his ability of recognizing the needs and wants of peoples day-to-day security needs and also being a victim of so many burglaries.

Priority Alarm Systems strives for excellence, using modern technology. Product offerings focus on the executive level customer who has an appreciation for quality craftsmanship and materials, and wishes to integrate technology into their Alarm security product needs. Our market segments within the security product context include the corporate executive.
Our Services
We do Installation & Repairs on the following:
Alarm Systems
Compulsory for your home and business and an excellent deterrent for all intruders. The alarms system consists of a combination of electronic devices which alerts you of any unwelcomed intruders. With the new improved technology, one can even alarm or disarm you alarm from you cell phone. We are installers of Hybrid (Wire & Wireless) alarms.
CCTV cameras
Cameras that record the action taking place at your home or business.
Access Control
Access control is a vital concern for a home and business of any size today with the rising number of invasion crimes. In addition, an access control solution will allow you to limit access to specific areas within your home & business, ensuring the utmost in security and peace of mind.
We provide Intercom solutions for communication and security, providing audio and video systems, specializing in access entry and control systems.
Electric Fencing
The need for higher levels of security and peace of mind is growing rapidly in Cape Town. A Live Wire Electric Fence acts as your 24/7 Electrified Patrol. When fully operational, it does not sleep and is your effective early warning device to keeping unwanted criminals out
Automation of Garage & Gate Motors
Motors are used to make life easier. This adds to your safety and security especially at night where we no longer have to get out of our car to open the gate/garage doors. All is done from the comfort of being inside your car.
Useful Alarm Tips
To ensure that your alarm system is effective and functional it should be tested weekly and checked by your service provider at least twice a year.

Listed below are some of the common problems experienced and ways to combat them.
• Always check that infrared sensors are registering on your keypad according to the allocated zone.
• Wipe and clean outside sensors with a dry cloth and spray an insecticide around the sensor. This will prevent common false alarm problems of ants other insects.
• Always check your stand-by battery by switching off the power source to the control box. If the alarm system still functions normally the battery should still be in reasonable working condition. The battery should be checked by your service provider when serviced.
• Always check your connection to your monitoring company ensuring that all signals are accurate and that the response is prompt.
• If your code has been shared with others such domestic workers that are no longer working for you always ensure that you change your code immediately. Please contact your service provider if needing assistance or consult your user manual.

The following important points should be taken into account when purchasing an alarm system:

• Understand your alarm system, and know how to use it
• Preventative maintenance should be done on a regular basis. This will ensure years of trouble free service from your alarm system.
• Plants and branches should be kept clear from any outdoor beams and outdoor passive infrared detectors.
• Preventative care should be taken against insects and ants.
• Test your alarm system at least once month
• Generally, a more unstable environment can be expected when installing outdoor beams, passive infrared detectors and other outdoor devices. However, by using the correct device for the correct application, the minimum amount of false alarms can be expected.