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Mamma Africa Herbal Healer
Mamma Africa Herbal Healer
Who are we?
Traditional healers hold an esteemed and powerful position in southern African societies. Their role is that of physician, counselor, psychiatrist, and priest. The World Health Organization (WHO) and other official groups acknowledge the potential effectiveness of traditional healers as primary health givers and their importance. WHO also supports the integration of western medicine and traditional healing, encouraging referrals between the two groups. In Southern Africa the Traditional Healers Organization (THO) is recognized by the government and WHO as professional specialists, promoting quality indigenous systems of health care in the rural areas.

African people share a common understanding of the importance of ancestors in daily life. When they have lost touch with their ancestors, illness may result or bad luck. Then a traditional healer, is sought out who may prescribe herbs, changes in lifestyle, a career change, or changes in relationships. The client may also be told to perform a ceremony or purification ritual to appease the ancestors.
Our Services
Specialising in:
• Marriage counseling
• Relationship counseling
• Healing medical problems with traditional herbs