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Functional Concept
Functional Concept
Practise safe design, use a concept
Who are we?
Functional Concept is a young and dynamic Interior Design company, specializing in kitchen designs, built in kitchens, kitchen renovations, bathroom vanities and renovations, modern bedroom units, furniture and interior design concepts.

It was formed in 2011 by Daniel Willemse, a qualified Interior Designer with over 15 years experience in the industry. Functional Concept staff are highly qualified and experienced professionals.

In a short period of time it has become one of the most sought after design companies in Cape Town. It has a 100 percent success rate with all of its clients, whose requirements range from small once off contracts through to larger residential projects.

Functional Concept strives to always over achieve on a clients project requirements.
Our Services
Cost Effective Quotations
Functional Concept supplies cost effective design, manufacturing and installation advice and pricing. We are a relatively small concern with minimal overhead costs, yet we handle large projects seamlessly. We use the latest software technology and the highest quality design, manufacturing and installation processes to give you the best quality, and most affordable solution within your budget means.
Creative Concepts
After initial meetings with you and neccessary site visits are done, Functional Concept generates a few rough concepts to properly understand your aesthetic and technical requirements. This is extensively done with you, with your direct input throughout to accurately define your design requirements.
Manufacturing Recommendations
Once you have selected the preferred design concept, Functional Concept does extensive manufacturing recommendations for your final approval.
Final Design and Manufacturing Considerations
After initial concepts have been further developed with your direct input, Functional Concept starts generating finished production design drawings. Final manufacturing enhancements and considerations are made and final presentations are made to you.
Manufacturing, Installation and Final Rollout
Once the final design and manufacturing recommendations have been signed off and approved by you, Functional Concept begins the manufacture and construction of all the components that make up the approved design. Main components are then installed and all sub-components or working installations including plumbing and electrics follow. All materials, colours and finishes are checked against the final signed off requirements with you, at the final rollout stage.
Switch On
Upon completion and after final rollout, Functional Concept will spend time with you showing how your entire creation works. We call this stage "Switch On", because the project at this stage becomes a working entity for you, and you would want to fully and safely understand where all the electrical and plumbing points are, and how they and everything else works.