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Brent Ismay Product Designer
Brent Ismay Product Designer
Trustworthy - Passionate - Innovative - Open Minded
Who are we?
I am Brent Ismay, a Cape Town based, qualified freelance product designer specialising in product design and development.

Being creative and innovative in finding design solutions through applying my design talent, knowledge and skill is my passion.

My aim is to continuously strive for excellence and go beyond client expectations in meeting their desires.

I care about my responsibilities towards clients which include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Maintaining an open mind
  • Building a trust relationship
  • Quality and timely delivery of the commissioned task.
Our Services
Product Design & Development Service
I have formulated a 6 stage design and development process that goes from brief to production.
Stage 1 - Briefing
I am briefed by the client under a confidentiality agreement (agreement is optional). I proceed by doing preliminary research on the product market, the client and legal aspects. I recall the client to define the brief and establish goals. Lastly I create a proposal that includes the brief, quote and the terms and conditions and await client approval.
Stage 2 - Explore
The design process starts by doing more research on the project. Information and materials can be provided by the client that will assist the research and design process. Research on the user, user environment, user experience, existing products, materials and processes are conducted.
Stage 3 - Ideation
Inspirations gathered by the research are used to do brainstorming, concept sketches, low-fi prototyping, basic CAD modelling and 3D rendering. A final concept is selected from the concepts and presented to the client. Note: Low fi prototyping is when an idea is made into a 3D form by using cheap materials to prove the concept.
Stage 4 - Final Design
This stage consists of final material selection, CAD modelling, engineering and structure and aesthetics refinement of the concept that was selected.
Stage 5 - Prototype
A prototype is created to do technical analysis, aesthetic analysis and user testing. This stage ensures that the product is ready for production.
Stage 6 - Production
The final cost is calculated to produce and transport the product. Tooling, if required, is created and a product sample undergoes a quality check. Packaging is arranged for transportation and the product is delivered to the desired destination.
Individual Design Services
Design aspects mentioned above can also be provided as individual services: * Ideation * Concept Sketches * CAD Modelling * 3D Rendering * Prototyping
To Whom It May Concern:
I am a legal user of SolidWorks and have received training in Advanced Part Modelling and Surface Modelling. I am also a legal user of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.