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Dirt Trapper
Dirt Trapper
Your Floors Best Friend
Who are we?
Now You Can Leave Dirt At The Door 

Now YOU can have the cleanest entrance with Dirt Trapper standing guard at your doorways.

The Dirt Trapper stops wet and dry dirt from shoes, feet, wheels and paws from entering your home leaving you with less cleaning work and more time for yourself.

The secret is in the natural cotton pile which absorbs dirt like a sponge. No other doormat matches up to the cleaning ability of The Dirt Trapper and because it is machine washable and tumble dryable, you can look forward to years of service.

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About Dirt Trapper
Have you ever been disappointed by the poor performance of other doormats. Well get ready for a great experience with a product that will never let you down. Over the years DirtTrapper has established itself as the leading brand of doormat not because of aggressive marketing techniques but more by word of mouth advertising. All over the world customers are happy with their purchase which is why we offer a 14 day no quibble money back guarantee. If your mat does not work as demonstrated in the video we will happily refund you the full purchase price of the product. The DirtTrapper is so versatile that it is not only suitable for the front door but can be used all over the home, in your car, boat or caravan and we even have sizes large enough for the front of your shop. Use it as a non slip bathroom mat, a kitchen utility mat or prevent oil stains from coming in from the garage as well. The DirtTrapper will take mud, oil,water and dirt from shoes, wheels, feet and paws. That's right, it will even keep your floor clean of your best friends imprints. The DirtTrapper is machine washable and can be tumble dried again and again or it can be hand washed and air dried giving you man
The Dirt Trapper comes in 5 colour variations to suit any home colour scheme.
Black ; Black/grey mottled ; Brown/grey mottled ; Travertine ; Mocha
Suitability of Sizes
60cm x 40cm car or utility. The cleated back helps prevent slipping on the car floor. 75cm x 45cm side door or front door 60cm x 90cm front door with larger pets to avoid not being stepped on. 75cm x 90cm front door 75cm x 1.35cm small runner for front door,sliding door or French doors. 75cm x 1.8cm small business entrance with low traffic flow or shop refrigerator runners. 1.5cm x 1.2cm shop entrance with higher traffic flow.
Available from: Makro, Builders Express, Game & Builders Warehouse.
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Purchase from our secure online store by visiting www.dirttrapper.co.za