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The Baby Club
The Baby Club
South Africa's number one parenting club
Who are we?
Here at TheBabyClub HQ we are dedicated to helping moms and dads come to grips with this new, and sometimes very challenging, journey to parenthood.
From putting together FREE information about your pregnancy to delivering quality goodie bags to help you choose the best products needed to welcome your little bundle of joy in to this great big wide world.
Hopefully we'll help connect you with new mommy friends and when you find yourself really unsure as to where to turn next, we'll help you find a solution or contact.
The team here are passionate about making this South Africa the best possible place to start a new life and we hope that together we can all enjoy parenting a lot more with less worry and guilt.
Our Services
Sign up for TheBabyClub
TheBabyClub has been created especially for you, membership is free and joining is easy.

As a member of TheBabyClub, you not only get exciting goodie bags packed full of useful samples, but we'll also be sending you money-off vouchers and keep you updated right through to the birth of your baby and beyond.
Benefits of signing up
TheBabyClub is a free Pregnancy Club that provides information, support and delivers free goodies via moms phone, computer, clinic & doctor. We have a range of sample packs that provide expectant & new mums with important information, expert advice and 'try-before-you-buy' samples.