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Hire It!
Hire It!
Hiring - the smart way to get things done!
Who are we?
Hire-It! started out in 1982 with one branch & have since grown into a well known brand, leading the small equipment hiring in the Cape Peninsula today. We cater for a wide range of clients, from large building contractors to do it yourself homeowners.

Hire-It! today consists out of 10 branches, located no further than 5km from each other throughout the Cape Peninsula, Western Cape, South Africa. The company employs 250 efficient & knowledgeable staff members, able to assist with any enquiry.
Our Services
Find a Branch
We have 10 Branches throughout the Cape Peninsula. To find the closest branch to you, please click HERE
Construction, Compaction & Pumping Products
• Dumpy Level
• Laser Rotary Level
• Laser Level combined
• Measuring Wheel
• Spirit Level
• Tape Measure
• Tower Tape
• 2-Stroke Petrol Wacker
• Plate Compactor
• Forward & Reverse Compactor
• Hand Stamper
• Asphalt Compactor
• Round Compactor
• Brick Roller
• Pump, Centrifugal 50mm
• Pump, Centrifugal 75mm
• Poker
• Trash Pump 75mm
• Sludge Pump
• Flexi Pump
Shoring, Scaffolding & Heating Products
• High-speed Interlock Scaffolding
• Builders Props
• Scaffold Boards
• Scaffolding Wheels
• Trestles
• Nail Gun
• Extension Lead
• Test Pump - Electrical
• Test Pump - Manual
• Space Heater
• Floor Light
• Space Dehumidifier
• Fish Tape
Powertools, Woodworking & Steelworks Products
• 20mm Rotary Hammer Drill
• Electric Normal Drill
• Pencil/straight Grinder
• 38mm Rotary Hammer Drill
• Electric Magnetic Drill
• Core Drill
• 230mm Angle Grinder
• 100/115mm Grinderette
• Electric Cut off Saw
• Electric Impact Wrench
• Electric Posi Drive
• Electric Heat Gun
Gardening & Miscellaneous
• Pick/Spade
• Sledge Hammer
• Staple Gun
• Plastic Killer Spray Gun
• Torque Wrench
• Rake
• Bow Saw
• Garden Spike Roller
• Hedge Trimmer
• Shears
• Pruner
• Electric Lawn Mower
• Site Toilets
• Site Huts
• Car Trestles
• Lead Lights
• Wire Puller
• Hose Pipe
Building & Concrete Breaking
• Small Mixer
• Large Mixer
• 6.0 KVA Generator
• Petrol Welder
• Scarifier
• Floor Grinder
• Petrol Concrete Cutter
• Brick Cutter
• Wheelbarrow
• Stippler/Slushing Machine
• X-Large Demolition Hammer
• Bricks Breaker
• Medium Demolition Hammer
• Small Demolition Hammer
Mechanical, Engineering & Plumbing
• 50 Litre Compressor
• 100 Litre Compressor
• Spray Gun
• Trolley Jack
• Engine Hoist
• Engine Stand
• 1-3 Ton Block & Tackle
• 5 Ton Block & Tackle
• 10 Ton Block & Tackle
• Gaswelder Porta Pack
• Blow Torch with Gas Bottle
• Pipe Cutter
• Pipe Benders
• Electric Pipe Threader
• Pipe Wrench & Dies
• Sash Clamp
• Rivet Gun
• Bolt Cutter
• G & C Clamps
Power Cleaning, Gardening & Laddering
• Petrol Driven HP Washer
• HP Electrical Washer
• Rotating Nozzle
• Fire Power Sprayer Pump
• Step Ladder
• Extension Ladders
• Safety Harness
• Weedeater Petrol
• Weedeater Electric
• Ladder Brace
• Drain Rods
• W&D Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
• 400mm Hand Tile Cutter
• 600mm Hand Tile Cutter
• Petrol Auger
• 2-stroke Petrol Leaf Blower
How do I hire?
• You can give us a call at any branch and order a tool for delivery, or you can visit us at the branch nearest to you. Hire-It! has 10 branches throughout the Cape Peninsula.
• Bring along your ID document
• Bring along the required deposit (Dep = 3 day hire charge)
• 1 Day hire is 24 Hours. The amount of days are automatically deducted from the deposit & the balance refunded upon return of the machine.
• Hire-It! deliver and collect, throughout the Cape Peninsula
• Hire-It! charges 1 day over the weekend from 14h00 Friday to 08h30 Monday morning.
• Hire-It! employs and trains efficient, knowledgeable staff who are capable to assist with any enquiry.
• Hire-It! has been in operation for more than 29 years, making us the most knowledgeable and experienced hire shop to assist you!
Things to know about hired equipment
• There's no insurance on hired equipment.
• Hired tools should therefore be treated in the same way as you would your own.
If the tool breaks while I use it?
• We simply replace it without cost! Only if the tool/s is/are damaged due to mishandling, a repair charge is involved.
• The price on the price list is the price charged.
• There's no hidden cost in hiring of equipment.
• We stock certain consumables for machines at additional cost to the hiring cost of the machine, such as floor sanding paper, belt sanding belts, grinding discs, grinder blades.
• Hire-It! has 10 branches and strives for 100 percent customer satisfaction!
Virtually all equipment is subject to occasional breakdowns. However, when hired equipment break downs, idle time is minimised through replacement by the hire company and repair costs are eliminated.
Hired equipment includes full maintenance, no repair shop, no spare parts inventory, no mechanics, no added maintenance payroll of maintenance record keeping.
Equipment Obsolescence
Ownership of equipment involves the risk of rising wage costs and slower job completion time due to owning worn, obsolete models when new, better, faster models are available from HIRE IT!
Minimum inventory
Ownership can be very expensive when equipment is idle. Combining ownership of basic equipment with hired equipment as needed will minimise idle time.
Right equipment for the job
Eliminate the hidden costs of inefficiency due to use of wrong size or type of equipment and the maintenance and repair incurred. Hiring equipment ensures the right equipment for the job.
Use of hired equipment eliminates the need for large storage areas/buildings, thus overhead in your cost of doing business is minimised.
Personal property taxes and licence's costs are eliminated on hired equipment.
Conservation of capital
Hiring Construction equipment frees your capital for other potentially more profitable uses.
Increase in borrowing capacity
Contractors who hire instead of purchase find borrowing easier with better ratio of assets to liabilities since equipment does not appear on the balance sheet. The normal line of bank credit is not disturbed, a most important asset in securing bonds for construction work.
Disposal costs
Preparing used, obsolete equipment for resale, advertising and selling time are factors of ownership that do not occur in hiring.
Cost control
Knowing the true costs of owned equipment is difficult. Hired equipment offers you just one accountable cost figure, the hire invoice cost.
Inventory control
The presence of continuous billing on hired equipment establishes personal accountability. Inventory loss due to pilferage is minimised.