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Wireless Alert
Wireless Alert
Protecting You... Personally
Who are we?
You already own a burglar alarm - it protects your valuables (so insurance don't lose out!). But, what warns you when your alarm is off and prowlers are about? Only WirelessAlert focuses on protecting you - personally. The instant an intruder trespasses, WirelessAlert's sensors (outdoors or indoors) betray him directly to you(and all others who need the warning). We strip the intruder of his stealth and eliminate his ability to ambush, he is neutralized before he becomes a threat.
Our Services
WirelessAlert - Innovation is our Cornerstone
Because wired alarms are vulnerable to cable vandalism and theft; and since WirelessAlert's RF (radio) links are extremely sophisticated and solar powered, we offer you the most reliable systems available.
Up-n-Running in a Jiffy, Every Type of Warning You Desire
You demand hassle-free simplicity in installation and function - and that's what we deliver; versatile, easy to install and use, solutions to all of your security and safety problems; from links to armed response, to smart CCTV/DVR/Remote Access systems, from GPRS and SMS texting systems, to highly-effective audible voice-warning solutions.
No Challenge Too Big, No Job Too Small
Whether it's kilometres of boundary fences monitored by high-tech microwave beams, or simply your driveway, or bedroom windows, or an internal corridor you want monitored, we have a state-of-the-art wireless solution perfect you.
Unrivalled Versatility - PRO or DIY
We offer simple solutions you can personally can have up and running just minutes, or you can insist on your alarm company using our Components (to reduce both installation costs and mess, and boost versatility and results).