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Tandem Hair Design - Eden on the Bay
Tandem Hair Design - Eden on the Bay
Tandem stylists can deliver an exceptional end result!
Who are we?
Located within the exclusive Eden on the Bay Shopping strip, Tandem Hair Design Studio is a hairstyling destination that caters for discerning seaside clientele.

The salon is understatedly upmarket and fully equipped to offer an all-inclusive hairstyling experience.

In aid of presenting clientele with a refreshing difference to conventional hair styling, Tandem takes a designer approach to its services. Thus, Tandem strives to create a trend conscious, yet unique signature style that is every bit as authentic as the person wearing it.

Carefully selected for their ability to understand both male and female clientele, Tandem stylists can consistently deliver an exceptional end result achieved through an attentive and individualised service.

Make a booking and discover why regulars travel from all over Cape Town for a Tandem cut.
Our Services
Hot Summer Specials!
• Colour, cut, blow dry and treatment for R450.

• Half head of highlights, cut blow dry and treatment for R450.

only weekdays excluding weekends and public holidays
Global Keratin
The core element in Global Keratin products is keratin protein which is the most abundant component of the hair. Giving the hair healthy dose of Keratin can work wonders in restoring the hair to its prime condition.
Green Light
Green Light is a product adaptable enough to nourish, protect and strengthen all hair types. This Italian born range of Hair Care and Colour products is the result of significant scientific progresses in the trichological field.
The affectivity of the Joico variety of Hair products is its Quadramine Complex deposited into the hair with a molecular delivery system. Because the Quadramine Complex molecules have been finely atomised, the product can saturate deep into the hair restoring the hair right into its core.
Jungle Fever Products
For those that enjoy hair that has a life of its own; Jungle Hair can help you achieve gravity defying styles with capable styling aids, colour that makes a statement and serums that will give your hair an otherworldly glow.