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Fusion Architecture
Fusion Architecture
Inspired by you
Who are we?
We design for the client. It is after all your building

We place our considerable expertise at your disposal to meet your needs and manifest your dream.

That is our dream - Fantastic buildings for happy satisfied clients.

Fusion Architecture is the brainchild of Stuart Allan who started in private practice, after qualifying and gaining much experience in luxury residential, group housing, retail and government projects. Under his guidance are a dedicated team of architects, technologists and support staff who together create "TEAM FUSION" architecture and are well equipped to meet any challenge arising from a client's brief.
Our Services
Fusion Architecture specialises in residential and small to medium commercial projects. Our principals however have the knowledge and expertise to tackle any size project with experience in large commercial, retail and government contracts.
Luxury residential
This is where our creativity and talent is showcased, with the opportunity to create the perfect dream home in the perfect location.
General residential
Your home is your Castle - whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one we can achieve your dream.
Residential developments
There is a fine balance when creating a feasible residential development, one which is financially viable, aesthetically pleasing, works correctly, falls within what the site can sustain and sells. We believe we can achieve this. We have been involved with and have created many schemes which do just this.
Low cost/ social housing
Fusion architecture has identified this as an area where it would like to make difference. In recent years we have been involved in many social projects from RDP, Gap and social housing. We have allied ourselves with many likeminded developers, professionals and officials in the hope of being part of a solution to this problem.
Small to medium commercial
In this vital area cost effectiveness is key. We have the ability and experience to create an aesthetically pleasing building while maximising the site and zoning conditions to create an asset which will last and produce excellent returns.
Building Plans
Fusion believes that the size of the project should not influence the quality of the service or product. Therefore whether you are building an architectural masterpiece or just a small alteration to your home, good design and professionalism should be available to you. In order to achieve this we have created a department that deals specifically with smaller home renovations. This department has the full support of our design and drafting staff as well as the skills needed for all the necessary Municipal approvals and interaction with your local authority.