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Emul8 Visual Studio
Emul8 Visual Studio
Inspired by Excellence
Who are we?
We know that clients can struggle to visualise a flat 2-d drawing.

We can assist in ensuring that you the client clearly understand the drawings and they truly reflect your intention for the building.

We offer various styles, from hand drawn 3-d images to fully rendered photo-realistic images.

We can even provide a walk through video presentation of your new or existing building.

So, whether you are a professional who needs a high standard result, a developer in need of strong visual impact for marketing, a corporate client who requires visually explanatory material for a presentation or a private client who wants to completely understand or record their new home or building

We can produce exactly the visuals you require.

Emulate Visual Studio was created by Stuart Allan an architectural professional and Jabu Manitshana an architectural illustrator; and they combine their expertise to bring your creations to life.
Our Services
2 dimensional drawings to 3 dimensional model
We take your 2 dimensional hand or electronic drawings and bring them to life in 3 dimensions.
Exterior renders
We take snapshots at chosen points of your building; add colour and texture to bring your building to life.
Interior renders
By adding colour, texture and furniture to your space our interior renders allow you to fully understand the space you have created.
Photo real renders
This is where the fun starts, is it a photo or is it a render? These images although time consuming can be amazing, showing true life colours and light.
Walk through videos
By adding motion to you building we can showcase more of it allowing the viewer to be guided through spaces or around the building in order to fully understand them.
How does it work?
You supply us with a design; either hand drawn, hard copy plan format or in electronic (CAD) format.

• We start by creating your building or object in 3d model format. At the end we have a virtual building which we can manipulate, creating viewing angles or video shots.
• Once this has been checked for accuracy and design changes, this stage can be used as a design tool.
• We choose, with your assistance, "view shots" of our building which highlight and explain your creation in the best way.
• Once chosen we start the process of applying textures, materials and background to your image, at this stage the decision must be made to, for example change a colour, choose a bath, window type and insert furniture.
• The rendering process is started and the finished product will be produced as a high quality graphic
The cost can vary dramatically depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Two areas are costed, the model of the building, so size and complexity are factors here and then the number of "shots" or renders you require.

Please give us a call or send us your sketch plans for a quote.