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Revenge Designs
Who are we?
Revenge Designs is a web and graphic design company based in Cape Town. We strive to express our creativity in such a way that we meet any needs which you, as a client may have - breaking down all barriers and limitations, to ensure satisfaction. Our extensive design, styling and application knowledge gives us the edge when dealing with just about any client, with almost every design project that comes our way.
Our Services
Web Design
Why get a Website Designed for your Business? Having a website is crucial for any business. A website establishes a presence for your company that can be found by any one at any time. Your website will be an Online Brochure so that clients can exactly see what you do, what you offer, prices and how to contact you. Getting a Custom Design done for your business website adds to your Brand Identity and it is unique to your business. So let us design a custom website for your business that adds to the uniqueness of the business, that sets you apart from your competitors and that contributes to the Brand Identity of your business.
Web Hosting
Why Host with us? Our business partner Statix Online offers Web Hosting that provides Performance, Scalability, Adaptability, Reliability, Affordability and Simplicity. When comparing Statix Online to some of the biggest Hosting companies in Southern Africa, they come out tops with regards to product offering as well as price. All the Web Hosting packages were created to fit your specific need and provide value for money.
Why get your website SEO ready? SEO is the practice of making your website attractive to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Search Engines regularly read and archive websites so that people can find them easily. If your website is optimized properly, your website should appear within the first page or two of every search engine. The main goal of SEO is to increase the ranking of your website, which will result in more traffic. We provide a basic SEO service to get your Website SEO ready. If you wish to have more extensive SEO done on your website we can also assist you with that.
Corporate Identity Design
Why get a Corporate Identity for your business? Every business should have an image clients can identify the business with. When your business has a professional and well-designed Corporate Identity it will show that you are committed to present your business in a professional manner. Most clients look for a business with a Visible and Professional Identity and a Strong and Professional Corporate Identity establishes your business credibility. We will create a Corporate Identity for your business that will give your business Pride, Visibility and Credibility.
Flash Design
Flash designs have become more popular and more businesses have started using it to attract more attention. Revenge Designs can help your business to attract more attention by doing flash design for you.

The benefits of flash design

• Flash design for a business is more visually intriguing for the client
• Clients remember the flash designs better
• Flash designs entertain the client more and this makes them more interested in your business
Website Design
Need a new website? Let Revenge Designs design the website for you that you want

The benefits of a website:

• A website tells the client more about the business
• A website adds to the uniqueness of the business that set them apart from the competition
• A website contributes more to the brand identity of the business
Corporate Identity
If you want to create a brand identity for your company Revenge Designs will create one for you that will give your business pride, visibility and credibility.

The benefits of having a Corporate Identity

• When your business has a professional and well-designed corporate identity it will show that you are committed to present your company
• Most of the time clients look for a business with a visible and professional identity
• When you have a strong and professional identity it establishes your business credibility

Our Corporate Package Includes:

• Logo Design
• Business Card Design
• Letterhead Design
• Standard Corporate Manual

Additional if requested:

• Complimentary Slip
• Invoice Design
• Envelope Design
• Brochure Design
• Flyer Design
Logo Design
Why get a Logo for your business? When starting a new business it is essential to have a Logo. A Logo makes your Business Image unique, it gives you a Professional image, it establishes a Brand Identity and it helps to distinguish your business from your competitors. We will design a Logo that gives your business exactly that.
Letterhead Design
Why get a letterhead for your business? A Business’ Letterhead is an essential piece of their Business Identity. A Letterhead will come in handy for when you need to distribute printed letters to customers and prospects. A Letterhead will help to build and promote your Business Brand. We will design a Letterhead for your business that will help promote and build your brand even further.
Business Card Design
Why get a Business Card design for your business? Business Cards are vital for your business. A business card reflects who and what your business is and what you can offer to a client. Business cards set out to create a long lasting image of your business, increase your customer traffic and contain all the vital information a client needs to contact the business. We will design a Business Card for you that will reflect your business image and what it is that you have to offer. We will make sure that your business is not forgotten by a client.
Flyer Design
Why get Flyer designs for your business? Flyers are a great way to promote your business and services. It is an easy way to make quick announcements, special offers and to showcase your most popular products and services. We can design Flyers for you in the sizes that you want, double or single sided.
Social Media
Why get a Facebook Fan Page for your business? Social Media Marketing is a low cost tool that is used to communicate with peers, customers and potential customers through Media Profiles. Having a Facebook Fan Page can be essential. It provides an identity to who the business is and the products and services offered. It can create a relationship with people who might not have otherwise known about your business, products and services and it can associate the business with peers that may be the same target market. We will create a Facebook Fan Page that will portray the business image and have all the business information on so that clients and potential clients can view your profile, be informed about your business and be directed to your website.